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Welcome to Ease Your Mind. This issue of our newsletter series focuses on mental health and suicide prevention in order to provide you with information, resource links, and practical tips on how to support your health, and the health of those you care about.

This wellness initiative has the following resources for you and your workplace:

Health Issues in the Workplace Newsletter: Ease Your Mind

Articles in this newsletter address mental health awareness, work-life balance, caregiver support, and men’s mental health. In addition, this issue discusses how to create and promote safe environments within the workplace for employees, many of which are active as caregivers to loved ones in addition to their regular job.

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Personal Health Guide: Speak Up About Mental Health

The personal health guide speaks further about mental health stigma and the importance of having conversations about mental health at your workplace. Everyone can help reduce stigma by speaking up about mental health and speaking out against unhealthy attitudes that contribute to stigma.

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The contest is designed to test your knowledge of what you read in the Ease Your Mind newsletter.

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Contest Poster

This poster can be used to help promote the Ease Your Mind initiative in your workplace.

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These are two page factsheets that provide detailed information about topics related to mental health. There are four e-bulletins in total. These e-bulletins can be printed, e-mailed to employees, or posted on your workplace’s website. For this initiative, the e-bulletins focus on topics such as compassion fatigue, disordered eating, social media, and relationships.

Eating Disorders (print)
Eating Disorders (accessible)

Maintain healthy relationships to improve mental health and well-being (print)
Maintain healthy relationships  to improve mental health and well-being (accessible)

The Role of Social Media with Depress and Anxiety in Daily Life (print)
The Role of Social Media with Depress and Anxiety in Daily Life (accessible)

Understanding Compassion Fatigue (print)
Understanding Compassion Fatigue (accessible)

Ideas to Promote

This is a list of suggestions to help promote this initiative to your employees. The intention is for you to use one or more activities and/or events to generate interest and awareness about this topic.