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Welcome to Be Cancer Aware, the second issue of the three-part Challenge Yourself series. The goal of this series is to provide you with information, resource links, and practical tips on how to make healthy choices and take preventative actions to support your health and the health of those around you.

This wellness initiative has the following resources for you and your workplace:

Health Issues in the Workplace Newsletter: Challenge Yourself: Be Cancer Aware

The articles in this newsletter will focuses on the main risk factors that can be changed in order to reduce our risk for various types of cancer. Other components of this initiative emphasize the importance of keeping up-to-date on your preventative cancer screening.

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Personal Health Guide: Cancer Screening and Prevention

The Personal Health Guide will provide information on the importance of cancer screening and prevention and provides suggestions on how you can reduce your risk of developing cancer.

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The contest is designed to test your knowledge on the factors that can increase and decrease your risk of developing cancer.

Contest Poster

This poster can be used to help promote the Challenge Yourself: Be Cancer Aware initiative.

Ideas to Promote

This is a list of suggestions to help promote this initiative to your employees. The intention is for you to use one or more activities and/or events to generate interest and awareness about this topic.


There are a series of four two page factsheets that provide detailed information about how to reach and keep a healthy body weight. Every four weeks during the initiative a new factsheet will be posted below. These e-bulletins can then be printed and copied, e-mailed to employees, or posted on your workplace’s website. 

Breast Cancer (print)
Breast Cancer (accessible)