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Adult and child standing outside of a storefront, as seen on a security camera.Supplying a minor with tobacco isn’t just a Bad Way to be Nice, it’s also illegal. A friend or relative may think they are “being nice” by buying, or giving cigarettes to a teenager. In reality, they may be supporting the creation of an addiction, disease, or causing death. The Bad Ways to be Nice campaign was developed by the Central East Tobacco Control Area Network. The campaign has been adopted by the South West Tobacco Control Area Network, which includes our Health Unit.

Video 1 | Video 2

Watch these YouTube videos to see real reactions when a young child asks for a cigarette. Should your reaction be any different for a teen? 

These videos were created by the South West Tobacco Control Area Network. Questions about the video can be directed to:

Donna Kosmack, SW TCAN Manager
South West Tobacco Control Area Network 
Middlesex London Health Unit 
Phone: (519) 663-5317 ext. 2302 
Fax: (519) 663-9276 

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