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If you’re looking for material to assist with lesson plans, the following sites are recommended:

Kids Health in the Classroom

Teachers can access a variety of information and activities for their classroom by selecting their grade from the menu on the left, and selecting Health Problems.

Ontario Lung AssociationLearn how to Push Back Against an Industry that Kills

This e-module covers the aggressive tactics used by the tobacco industry to hook new smokers.

British Columbia Lung AssociationHow much does it cost you?

This online calculator can be used to figure out how much smoking costs over different timelines. This could be integrated into health lessons, as well as math / financial lessons.

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Resources:

Pig’s Lung Demonstration

This resource contains a set of pig’s lungs which visually show a healthy lung compared to a lung with damage which would be similar to what a smoker experiences. This resource can be used for lessons on smoking as well as vaping. Please note: this demonstration is only given by a member of the Health Unit staff; it cannot be loaned out to schools.

Cigarette Chemical Roll-Out Display

This resource is an oversized cigarette that features a roll-out list of the chemical ingredients. It can be used to demonstrate the large quantity of dangerous chemicals in each cigarette.

Substance Q & A

This resource of “flash card” style questions and answers can be used as an interactive game to engage your class. Tobacco is one topic covered in the questions.

Contact your school’s Public Health Nurse or the Healthy School’s Department to book, or for more information on, these resources.

Healthy School hotline: (519) 258-2146, ext. 1555


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