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Even though vaping is considered to be less harmful than smoking, there are still consequences for youth to consider. Vaping can expose youth to chemicals that could harm their health and lead to lung damage. There are a wide range of chemicals in e-juice, and the effects of them combining with others and being inhaled, are unknown.

Vaping can also lead to nicotine dependency. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, which may be in some e-juice, and acts quickly in the bloodstream. Just as quickly as its effects are felt, they disappear. Nicotine acts on the brain, causing a release of dopamine and a small rush of adrenaline, which speeds up the heart rate. These effects wear off in a few minutes, until the next hit of nicotine enters the body. The body adapts to nicotine, making the user need to increase the amount and frequency they use to get the same effects. Users can also develop a physical and emotional addiction to the act of vaping.

The younger someone starts vaping, the more likely they are to develop a nicotine addiction. The longer someone is exposed to the harmful chemicals and toxins in tobacco products, they more likely they are to experience negative health effects.  Vaping is intended to help smokers quit tobacco.  Vaping is not for youth and non-smokers and is not without its own dangerous health impacts.

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