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WECHU’s School Vaping Prevention Toolkit: In order to assist teachers and school administrators in providing students with credible and reliable information about the use of e-cigarettes and the associated health impacts, a toolkit has been created which can be provided by the WECHU Public Health Nurses on the Healthy Schools team. The toolkit includes:

  • Educational presentation to aid educators when they teach about e-cigarettes and the health effects of vaping and vapor products. The presentation includes speakers notes. It can be delivered in-class, or used as background information.
  • A guide for parents and teachers on “How to Talk to Teenagers about E-cigarettes”
  • A variety of fact sheets for parents, teachers, and teenagers
  • Vaping prevention posters and postcards

Please contact your school’s Public Health Nurse or the Healthy School’s Department to access this toolkit.

British Columbia Lung Association - Vaping Toolkit

This toolkit contains resources for educators, parents, and for youth themselves to increase knowledge around vaping products and health effects. It includes infographics, fact sheets, and FAQs. It also includes a PowerPoint presentation which has an activity and a game to facilitate learning.

Government of Canada - Consider the Consequences

The Canadian-based site contains a variety of resources, including posters, talking to teens tip sheet, and an online activity sheet. All are available in French.

Ontario Lung AssociationWhat the Vape?!?!

This e-module can be used in-class, or by small groups of students. What the Vape?!?! Is found towards the bottom of the digital learning hub page.

Simcoe Muskoka District Health UnitNot an Experiment

The SMDHU site contains information to aid educators in lesson planning, but is also student-friendly to engage youth. It contains information on the basics of vaping, the tobacco industry, and health effects of vaping. Within the “downloads” section, access resources such as a game, a PowerPoint, and other ways to apply knowledge for youth.

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Resources:

Pig’s Lung Demonstration

This resource contains a set of pig’s lungs which visually show a healthy lung compared to a lung with damage which would be similar to what a smoker experiences. This resource can be used for lessons on smoking as well as vaping. Please note: this demonstration is only given by a member of the Health Unit staff; it cannot be loaned out to schools.

Cigarette Chemical Roll-Out Display

This resource is an oversized cigarette that features a roll-out list of the chemical ingredients. It can be used to demonstrate the large quantity of dangerous chemicals in each cigarette.

Substance Q & A

This resource of “flash card” style questions and answers can be used as an interactive game to engage your class. Tobacco is one topic covered in the questions.

Contact your school’s Public Health Nurse or the Healthy School’s Department to book, or for more information on, these resources.

Healthy School hotline: (519) 258-2146, ext. 1555


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