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The use of any opioid which is not prescribed to the person is not legal. It is not legal to sell, buy, or traffic opioids, at any age. These are offences which are enforced by the police.

All schools fall under the Smoke Free Ontario Act, which prohibits smoking of any substance on school property (and within 50 meters). This is a fineable offence through law officials and the Tobacco Enforcement Officers from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

In accordance with the Education Act and the Safe Schools Act 2000, the principal shall suspend any student for possessing alcohol or illegal drugs while at school or engaged in a school related activity. However, it should be noted that the suspension of a student is not mandatory if:

  • the student does not have the ability to control his or her behavior;
  • the student does not have the ability to understand the foreseeable consequences of his or her behavior; or
  • the continuing presence of the student in the school does not create an unacceptable risk to the safety or well-being of any person in the school.

If you’re unsure of your school board or school’s specific policy, please contact a member of your administration team to gain access to it.

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