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In Ontario, as of October 17, 2018, cannabis was made legal for adults over the age of 19. For anyone under the age of 19, possessing, purchasing, and using cannabis is still illegal.

Those who are of legal age, cannabis can be purchased through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), a subsidiary of the LCBO. Cannabis providers for the stores are thoroughly inspected and approved by Health Canada, and offer regulated products. As of April 1, 2019, storefronts were made legal, but needed to go through the proper approval process with the government. It is illegal for anyone, of any age, to drive a motor vehicle after using cannabis – this is impaired driving. There is no safe or legal amount of THC to have in your system while driving a vehicle. It is also illegal to have cannabis accessible in the car. It must be safely and securely stored out of the reach of the driver, and no passenger can use cannabis in a car.

Cannabis use follows the same laws and regulations as tobacco, as part of the Smoke Free Ontario Act (2017). It is illegal for anyone, of any age, to use cannabis in schools and on school grounds. Following the Smoke Free Ontario Act, someone must be 20 meters off school property to smoke, vape, or use tobacco or cannabis. It is also illegal to use these products within 20 meters of public playgrounds and recreational facilities (including fields and buildings).

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