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The Great Big Crunch is back this year! Register your school community to join an event that raises awareness of the importance of healthy food at school.

Join the movement by participating in activities and registering your crunch (use any fruit or vegetable that will make a crunching noise). Let it be known that schools in Windsor-Essex support dedicated federal funding to establish a National School Nutritious Meal Program. The program would be a universal cost-shared food program that would see all children having daily access to healthy food at school.

The Coalition of Healthy School Food has further information on why access to health food at school matters and what actions have already been set in place. They have created resources so schools can crunch with them for Healthy School Food or anytime during the month of March.

Resources are available in both English and in French, and can be downloaded from the Great Big Crunch website. The following resources are available:

Schools can join in, at their convenience, anytime during March. If you are participating, please register your school. You can help advocate for Canada to establish a national school food program.

Let’s support this movement so that all children have access to healthy food at school. For more information and resources visit the Healthy Eating page on our website.

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