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Germs carried by people are one of the major sources of foodborne illness.

Here is what you can do to stop the spread of germs: 

Hair Control

Human hair can be both a physical and a bacterial contaminant that can get into food (e.g., hair in soup). Headgear and beard nets keep your hair off of your forehead and your face and should always be worn when you handle food. Hats and hairnets are examples of headgear. 

Headgear and beard nets will help you to:

  • Keep your hair out of food and off of food contact surfaces.
  • Keep you from touching your hair and facial hair.

Uniform, Clothing, and Aprons

When your clothing or aprons look dirty, change them immediately. Dirty clothing may carry germs that can easily spread. Wear light coloured clothing to make it easier to see when clothing gets dirty.
All employees in a food premises must:

  • Be clean (bath or shower before going to work).
  • Wear clean outer clothing.

Hands and Nails

Your hands need to be cleaned well to keep dirt and germs from being transferred to food.

  • Keep your nails well-trimmed.
  • Do not wear nail polish as it can chip and fall into food.
  • Take care of your hangnails as they can easily get infected and spread germs to food and other items touched.
  • Avoid wearing rings, bracelets, and wrist watches as dirt and germs can get easily trapped under these items making thorough handwashing harder.

It’s important that you follow good personal hygiene practices.

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