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Summary of Investigation and Findings

In the fall of 2013 the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) sent a request to Cancer Care Ontario asking them to examine the rate of cancer in the Remington Park neighbourhood which is located in Windsor, Ontario. Remington Park neighbourhood was defined as the area of the city bordered by the following streets: Howard Ave. on the west, South Pacific Ave. on the north, Parent Ave. on the east, and Grand Marais on the south.

At the end of December 2013, Cancer Care Ontario sent results of their investigation into the rate of cancer in Remington Park to WECHU. The results of their analysis indicated that the rate of cancer in this community was significantly higher than in Windsor-Essex and the province.

Due to these results, an additional request was made by WECHU to Cancer Care Ontario to have them investigate this increase further. The results of this additional investigation revealed that the rate of lung cancer in the Remington Park neighbourhood was elevated. No other cancers were reported to be significantly higher in the Remington Park neighbourhood.

Notes to Aid Interpretation of the Data Presented Below

Rates: Rates are reported per 100,000 people. Using the data presented in the table below, if a rate is 109.9 per 100,000 this means that for every 100,000 people 109.9 of them have lung cancer.

Age-standardized rates: Because the age distribution of the population in communities can be different (e.g., more seniors in Niagara versus Waterloo, more children in Toronto versus in Windsor – examples only), rates are age-standardized so that rates of disease can be compared across communities. For example, higher rates of cancer would be expected in a community with a larger senior population. By age-standardizing results rates are adjusted so that communities can be compared to each other. Below, rates are age-standardized so that Remington Park can be compared to Windsor-Essex and other areas.

Upper and lower confidence limits (95% CL): These numbers provide the range in which the actual rate of the disease may fall. There is a 95% likelihood that the true rate of lung cancer is between the upper and lower range provided, so while the rate of 109.9 is provided the actual rate falls somewhere between 69.79 per 100,000 and 164.8 per 100,000. Because Remington Park is a small area less data is available for analysis. This results in a larger confidence interval than is seen for bigger geographic areas with more data such as Windsor-Essex.

Determining significant differences: Rates were considered to be significantly different if their 95% confidence limits did not overlap. From the data presented below it can be seen that the 95% CL for Windsor-Essex County HU is 57.45 to 61.97 and the 95% CL for Remington Park is 69.79 to 164.83. These CL ranges do not overlap (61.97 is less than 69.79) and thus it can be said that the rates are significantly different. The Windsor-Essex County HU range and the Erie St. Clair LHIN range do overlap, and thus the rates for these two geographies cannot be said to be different.

Selected Data Provided by Cancer Care Ontario on Lung Cancer Incidence:

Lung cancer* incidence rates, 2000-2009


Age-standardized rate†

95% CL (Lower, Upper)

Remington Park‡


(69.79, 164.83)

Windsor-Essex County HU


(57.45, 61.97)

Erie St. Clair LHIN


(59.05, 62.52)



(52.13, 52.88)

Report date: January 2014, Source: Cancer Care Ontario (Ontario Cancer Registry, 2012) Prepared by: Cancer Care Ontario, Prevention and Cancer Control (Prevention and Surveillance)


*Lung cancer (ICD-O-3 C34)

†Rates are per 100,000 and standardized to the age distribution of the 1991 Canadian population.

‡DAs for Remington Park: 35370546, 35370545, 35370543, 35370544

For Information on Lung Cancer:

For more information on lung cancer and associated risk factors please see the lung cancer information provided by Public Health Ontario:

This report is also available as a printable PDF.

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