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The Injury Profile of Windsor and Essex County was created by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit to monitor trends over time in the area of injury prevention and to support the Designation of the City of Windsor as one of Parachute Canada’s Safe Communities. This designation reflects a community’s desire to create a safer life for all its citizens.

The Injury Profile of Windsor and Essex County provides an overview of the burden of injury on the health of our community and has indicated that among others, there are three key areas that need to be addressed in order to reduce this burden:
Falls, Motor Vehicle Collisions, and Self Harm.

View the full Injury Profile of Windsor and Essex County here, or view the printer-friendly infographic.

Windsor and Essex County Injury Profile This report outlines the most common injury types and statistics in Windsor-Essex County for the year 2015 Injury is the leading cause of death in people under 45 years old. WINDSOR & ESSEX COUNTYPROFILE EACH YEAR THERE IS AN AVERAGE OF30,000 Emergency Department (ED) visits1,500 Hospitalizations | 140 Deaths Injury Profile related to Falls Falls Fall-Related Hospital Visits Falls account for 1 in 3 of all injury-related emergency department visits Falls account for 1 in 3 of all injury-related ED visits Fatal Falls and Seniors Over 90% of Fatal Falls are among seniors Over 90% of fatal falls are among seniors Falls at Home 2 in 3 Fatal Falls occur at home 2 in 3 fatal falls occur at home Self-Harm This section describes Self-Harm related injuries Self-Harm Self-Harm Age Groups Adolescent girls account for most self-harm visits to the hospital, while Middle-aged men account for most self-harm related deaths Adolescent girls = most visits to ED Middle-aged men = most deaths Self-Harm-Related Hospital Visits 80% of ED visits related to self-harm are caused by self-poisoning with medication Self-Harm-related Deaths 1 in 4 injury-related deaths is due to self-harm Collisions This section describes collision-related injuries, deaths and hospital visits Collisions 3 in 4fatalities are male Collision-Related Injuries 1/2 of injuries are sustained by the occupant of a car Collision-related Fatalities Collision-related Hospital Visits year olds 15 to 24 have the most ED visits Leadingcausesof injury #2 #3 #1 For full report visit Developed to assist the designation of Safe City Windsor.

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