Feeding Your Baby


A woman breastfeeding her baby.

Our Health Unit provides breastfeeding education and support in the following ways:

For information about online and other local breastfeeding supports, go to our Breastfeeding Resources.

Mothers benefit from the support of other mothers who are breastfeeding, such as a friend or relative who is breastfeeding or who has recently breastfed. You can also meet other breastfeeding mothers through:

Breastfeeding Videos

Watch these informational videos about breastfeeding, provided by the Region of Peel.

The Latch


Introduction of Solids

A baby being spoon fed baby cereal.

Best Start’s Feeding Your Baby From Six Months To A Year is a great resource that can help you learn about:

  • When and how to start your baby on solid foods
  • How you can make homemade baby food
  • Safety and Allergies

For more information on starting solid foods or for a free copy of Feeding Your Baby From Six Months To A Year, you can contact our Healthy Families Hotline at 519-258-2146 ext. 1350 or send us an email