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A Strong and Healthy Community

The 2012-2017 Strategic Plan provides the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit with direction on the effective and efficient delivery of programs and services within our community for the next five years. Late in 2011, we embarked on a process to develop our first Strategic Plan. After 24 interviews with internal and external stakeholders, focus groups with 76 staff and 16 managers, and the creation of a Steering Committee to guide the four-month process, our initial Strategic Plan was created. Below, you will find the Executive Summary of that plan.

Mission Statement

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit works with the community to promote, protect, and improve health and well-being for all. 

Core Values

We’ve made a commitment to act and achieve results based on certain principles. These serve as the fundamental standards for our strategic and operational choices, and they guide our decision-making. Our values govern how we work together within our organization, as well as how we interact with each other, our partners, and our community. 


We provide the highest standard of service from qualified, competent staff. 


We apply our knowledge and expertise to identify solutions to the public health challenges facing our community, serving as a role model for proactive change. 


We treat everyone with care, compassion, and dignity. 


We enable individuals and communities to increase control over, and to improve, their health. 

Health Equity 

We use a determinants-of-health framework to identify and respond to the health needs of priority populations and, working with key partners, pursue policies that support the health of the public. 


We manage our resources responsibly and transparently, ensuring all we do is well planned, researched, and evaluated. 

Strategic Priorities

Anchored by our six core values, our five inter-related strategic priorities will guide our work at the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit. The success in achieving our mission and changing our corporate culture will be built on the leadership and management of each and every staff person within the organization. 

  1. Positive Work Environment 

    A graphical image that stacks the 5 strategic priorities anchored by the core values and the importance of leadership and management.

    Our first Strategic Priority is the foundation of our Strategic Plan and requires an organizational shift in culture, where staff and management feel engaged, supported, valued, recognized, and contribute to the overall success of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit. To ensure this Strategic Priority, we need to address the following objectives:

    1. Create a safe and respectful environment at all levels throughout the organization.
    2. Increase communication and collaboration across the organization.
    3. Provide opportunities for staff involvement in priority setting and decision-making. 
    4. Promote and support workplace wellness.
  2. Workforce Development

    Our second Strategic Priority builds on our positive work environment, but also emphasizes the need to provide effective guidance, capacity, and capability to achieve shared confidence, trust, professional growth, and knowledge exchange within our organization. To do so, we need to address the following objectives: 

    1. Establish comprehensive human resources policies, procedures, and practices.
    2. Support professional development opportunities.
    3. Create opportunities for leadership and management training throughout the organization.
  3. Epidemiology, Planning, Evaluation, and Quality (EPEQ)

    Our third Strategic Priority focuses on our desire to become an accredited organization committed to quality and continuous improvement, where the best available information is used in our decision-making process. To build this EPEQ strategy, we need to address the following objectives:

    1. Establish a structure and create a dedicated capacity to support EPEQ.
    2. Strengthen assessment and surveillance and its applications.
    3. Support planning and evaluation activity.
    4. Use a quality framework to advance the organization’s mission.
  4. Program and Organizational Planning

    A transparent organization that systematically reviews programs and services to ensure that they are built on information, evidence, needs, gaps, and does not overlap with other service providers in our community is our fourth Strategic Priority. To refocus our energies on program and organizational planning will require addressing the following objectives:

    1. Improve program planning.
    2. Create processes and mechanisms to support organization-wide planning.
  5. Community Leadership

    To achieve our final Strategic Priority of becoming a recognized leader in our community, where we work collaboratively with our community and use communication effectively to raise awareness and knowledge of the organizational brand, we need to address the following objectives:

    1. Strengthen our strategic relationships.
    2. Identify and address community needs in a collaborative manner.
    3. Enhance our community profile.

Working with our community to promote, protect, and improve health and well-being for all.

As we live our core values and establish a culture of leadership and management, we will create a positive work environment and develop a competent and vibrant workforce where programs and services are well planned, researched, and evaluated and we are recognized as a leader in our community. 

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