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Healthy Eating Remains Out of Reach for Many in Our Community
The cost of eating healthy in Windsor-Essex County rose 1.52% this year, according to the recently released 2016 Nutritious Food Basket Survey results. This increase raises the cost of healthy eating for a family of four in our area to $203.03 per week, which is unattainable for many in our community.

For example, a family of four that lives on the income of one minimum wage earner may have to spend nearly half of their weekly earnings to buy healthy foods. This increase also places additional strain on community members receiving social assistance. After paying for rent, a single adult male receiving Ontario Works assistance would not have the financial means necessary to purchase enough healthy food to properly nourish himself.

Why is this a concern for Windsor-Essex County?
• The proportion of individuals living in low-income households in Windsor-Essex County is considerably greater for all age groups compared to the provincial average.
• People who have difficultly accessing healthy food are more likely to report poor general health, emotional distress, and multiple chronic conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
Visit the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit website at to learn more about the Nutritious Food Basket survey and read The Real Cost of Eating Well in Windsor-Essex 2016.