Party Safer this Prom!

Many traditional approaches to addressing teenage substance use (e.g., zero-tolerance policies, abstinence-only education, etc.) have limited effectiveness and can produce unintended negative consequences.

As a result, the Healthy School Department developed the Party Safer - Prom Toolkit, which takes a harm reduction approach to reduce the social and health harms related to alcohol and substance use.  

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide school administrators, teachers, students, and parents/caregivers with resources. The goal is to support and encourage healthy behaviours and informed decision-making. This resource includes information on the risks of using alcohol and substances and encourages teens to celebrate in a safer, less harmful way on their prom night. 

Many of the resources and lessons found in this toolkit can be used at any time of the year to increase teens awareness of the importance of partying safer.  

The toolkit contains the following components:

  • Student Party PROMise Pledge and Photo Op Card
  • Celebrate Safer - Information Sheet for Teens
  • A Lesson on Consent
  • Protect Yourself from Sexual Violence: Tip Sheet
  • White Ribbon Resource Card
  • How to Talk to Your Teenager About Safe Partying - A Resource for Parents/Caregivers
  • Social Media Messages and Announcements
  • Links to Resources

High Schools and Prom Committees are encouraged to review the toolkit and incorporate it into their lead-up to prom and prom night. Download the toolkit.

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