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Anxiety Canada – Anxiety in Youth

This resource includes a great youth-friendly explanation of anxiety and what happens in the body as a reaction to a situation. It also includes a link to a YouTube video that explains the Fight, Flight, Freeze response, specifically geared towards youth.  The page also contains links to great resources to use with youth that focus on promoting stress management (e.g., deep breathing, self-talk) as well as general healthy habits to use for positive mental health.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Anxiety Disorders 

This page provides information about the different types of anxiety disorders and how it can present in someone. It also includes information on what someone can do to get help if they’re experiencing symptoms or problems with managing anxiety in their daily life.

Canadian Mental Health Association – Understanding and Finding Help for Anxiety (For youth)

This page focuses on youth and explaining anxiety to them. It also includes types of anxiety disorders which are common in youth, along with common symptoms, and some self-care tips on how to manage anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario – Anxiety and Youth

This page includes some facts about anxiety in youth with national statistics, as well as common signs that a youth may be struggling with anxiety (things to look for).


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