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You're the Chef

You're the Chef

A fun and interactive program that teaches basic cooking skills to children in grades 4-12. Learn more at

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BrightBites is a non-profit project that breaks the challenge of improving school nutrition down into fun, easy badges. Entire schools (elementary and secondary) or individual classes/groups can sign up as teams and boost student well-being.

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Sip Smart! OntarioTM

A licensed classroom educational program that helps teach children in grades 3 to 7 about sugary drinks and about making healthy drinks choices.

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Fresh from the Farm

A fresh take on school fundraiser! This program allows schools to fundraise selling Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables.

School gardens

School gardens

Teaching children about where food comes from through school gardens can increase their awareness on the link between the food system, health, and sustainability. The resources in this section can help students learn more about the food system and how food is grown, including skill-building opportunities with potential links to other aspects of the curriculum (science, math, etc.).

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