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Take Charge Windsor Essex Banner - Supporting Healthy Choices

Take Charge Workplace is coming soon!

Take Charge is helping Windsor-Essex County residents eat healthy at their workplace!

Many Windsor-Essex County residents spend a lot of time at work most days; therefore, creating a healthy workplace environment is critical when it comes to promoting and supporting healthy eating behaviours. Promoting and supporting healthy behaviours (e.g., eating and physical activity) at work is associated with a lower incidence of absenteeism, reduced productivity, and medical costs. Everybody wins when organizations step up to help their employees make the healthy choice the easy choice.

What are we changing?

Take Charge Workplace is a program that helps employers creates opportunities for their employees to make healthy food and beverage choices by providing policy templates, program implementation guides, and evaluation tools to improve the nutrition environment. For example, Take Charge – Meet Smart can help you make your meetings healthier and more productive. Take Charge – Healthy Vending gives you the tools to make nutritious food and beverages more available, visible, and affordable in vending machines at your workplace.

Check back soon for the Take Charge Workplace Toolkit, which will help your organization create a healthy workplace nutrition environment!

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