Food Insecurity/Affordability

Nutritious Food Basket

The Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) is a tool used to track the cost of healthy eating in Windsor and Essex County. Click for more.

Windsor and Essex County Community Food Assessment

The Windsor and Essex County Community Food Assessment (CFA) is a report completed by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and the Windsor and Essex County Food Policy Council. The CFA is a review that explores the strengths and needs of the local food system. The purpose is to create a picture of the entire food system, and to inform decision making, policies, and recommendations to improve our local food system. 

Where to Find Emergency Food Services:

Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization that works to help Canadians living with food insecurity. 

Find a Food Bank in Windsor-Essex County

Having a food drive or wishing to donate to a local food bank?

Although most foods are accepted by local food banks, some foods are healthier than others. Also, the needs of one food bank might differ from the needs of another. It’s a good idea to call the food bank (you wish to donate to) ahead of time to see what items they need donated.

Consider donating healthier food choices.