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November 2017 is Fall Prevention Month.

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Falls are a serious issue for older adults. It is estimated that one in three older adults fall each year. In Ontario, adults over the age of 65 are more likely to suffer an injury from falling than the rest of the population. Falls are the leading cause of injury in Windsor Essex County and over 90% of fatal falls are among seniors.

The good news is most falls are preventable and we can all play a role to help decrease the risk and burden associated with falls. To help promote fall prevention month, Safe City Windsor Fall Prevention subcommittee will be offering a variety of events and resources during the month including free fall prevention screening clinics and physical activity classes.

In addition, check out these additional resources that can help with learning how to prevent a fall.

Fall Prevention Month website

The Partners for Fall Prevention Month have a great website to promote fall prevention month where organizations, older adults, family members and caregivers can visit for information, resources, and a tool kit to help to prevent falls and injuries in older adults.

The 6 Warning Signs of Falls

This screening resource can be used to help an individual understand and identify risk factors for a fall and also includes tips for preventing a fall.

Exercises at the Kitchen Sink

This resource provides simple exercises that can be done in your own home without the need to purchase any expensive exercise equipment.

For more information on falls prevention, visit Finding Balance Ontario. Their website includes additional information on how to prevent falls and provides resources for professionals working in falls prevention.

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