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Award winners will be presented with their Healthy Workplace and Bike Friendly Awards on October 17th, 2018.


Applications are due July 20th, 2018

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and the Working Toward Wellness (WTW) Workplace Wellness Committee are pleased to present The Gord Smith Healthy Workplace Awards & Bike Friendly Workplace Awards Program for 2018!

The purpose of the awards program is to recognize local workplaces that provide comprehensive workplace wellness programming. The awards program is available to all workplaces in Windsor and Essex County, regardless of the company size or how established the workplace wellness program may be. Award recipients must demonstrate a strong commitment towards improving health by promoting and supporting a comprehensive approach to wellness programming for employees, and ideally, for family members and retirees.

Workplaces will receive an awards plaque that can be displayed at their workplace, a custom e-signature for their e-mails, and community recognition at the awards breakfast banquet for their hard work and commitment towards enhancing the health of their employees.


living wage logo

The 2018 living wage rate in Windsor and Essex County is $14.81

Workplaces in Windsor and Essex County are encouraged to become Certified Living Wage Employers. To be eligible for the Platinum and Diamond level, workplaces must be a Certified Living Wage Employer.

Apply to become a Living Wage Certified Employer


All award applications must be submitted online. We have updated and improved the online application process and anticipate that it will be much easier and more intuitive to use. The online application can be accessed year round, and award applicants are encouraged to upload evidence of wellness activities, policies, and evaluations as they are completed.

To gain access to the online application system, please submit your intent to apply to receive a username and password.


Bronze Level 1

The Concours Mold Yoga program was introduced with the intention of providing employees an opportunity to try something new, and encourage them to think about their physical and mental health. The yoga program has been so successful that a meditation program was introduced and has been running for over 12 weeks. The wellness program includes various team building competitions such as the annual Flip Cup and Basketball tournaments as well as many morale boosting days such as Ice Cream Day, and Casual Dress Days. Employees are rewarded for successful safety milestones with BBQs and Pizza lunches; and on a day-to-day basis employees are encouraged to walk on Concours Mold’s very own walking track or play a one-on-one basketball game. At Concours Mold we value the whole person.

In early 2016, Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) took an active approach in alleviating the stigma around mental illness and in developing a solid structure for staff support. As a first-response service, the prevalence and concern of occupational stress injuries and the availability of treatment and support for these, is a high priority for Essex-Windsor EMS. The management team has and continues to offer a variety of events for staff to create an open dialogue surrounding mental wellness. Essex-Windsor EMS has also hosted a Mental Wellness Speaker Series to promote mental health awareness among peers and supporting agencies. Yoga and boot camp sessions were also held at many EMS facilities to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition, extensive mental health support training was provided to both management and employees, which resulted in creating a “Peer Support Team”. This team now offers a one-on-one, peer-driven approach to supporting colleagues who experience mental health challenges. The team’s services are valued and offered not only in the Essex-Windsor EMS workplace, but also to local allied agencies and other provincial ambulance services. Essex-Windsor EMS continues to pave the way in mental wellness and peer support by making mental wellness a key priority, by training its managers and staff on crisis intervention, and by offering free wellness initiatives throughout the year.

The Town of Amherstburg implemented an Annual Flu Shot Clinic to support our Sanitary Workplace and Flu Prevention policy and help ensure the ongoing health and safety of our staff, clients and visitors. On November 9, 2016, the team took part in the 3rd Annual Flu Shot Clinic. A nurse from the Tecumseh Urgent Care Centre was on site at Town Hall offering employees and their families a convenient and efficient way to get their flu shot vaccination.

We provided educational material to the staff about the spread of influenza and offered tips for prevention. The best defense against the flu is to get the annual flu vaccine but there are other ways to prevent the flu, including frequent hand-washing, avoiding touching the face with your hands, sanitizing surfaces and maintaining an active lifestyle. We stressed to employees that an annual vaccination is needed because over the course of a year, protection from the vaccination will decrease, so for best protection, an annual vaccination is recommended. We had a very good response to our Annual Flu Shot Clinic with employees from multiple work sites participating and doing their part to help prevent the spread of influenza.

Bronze Level 2

Over the past year, SECC’s Wellness Committee: Project HAPPY, focused efforts on staff awareness and training to promote mental wellness and work towards eliminating the stigma that still surrounds mental illness. During Bell’s Let’s Talk Day and campaign, Project HAPPY promoted a ‘Lunch and Learn’ on Eliminating Stigma via social media and other resources. SECC’s team also engaged in a variety of training activities including Mental Health First Aid to empower employees to provide peer support and Compassion Fatigue Training, which focused on helping employees deal with vicarious trauma, PTSD, and stress they experience on a day-to-day basis; with the hope of learning new coping methods and resources for additional support. SECC is also very happy to report that they are designated as Leamington’s first Positive Space for LGBTQ individuals. The entire team received diversity training on how to support LGBTQ individuals and learned about how creating a safe and supportive place with inclusive policies is important for one’s overall well-being and mental health. Project HAPPY continues to spread information and awareness on Mental Health and continues to look for ways to promote a Healthy Workplace.

Silver Level 2

Children First concentrated efforts this year on the topic of mental health in the workplace.

In October/November 2016, the agency conducted a Guarding Minds at Work Psychological Health and Safety Survey of all staff. There was a 72% response rate to the survey. Of 13 psychosocial factors measured, our survey identified 4 as relative strengths and 9 as minimal concerns. No serious or significant concerns were identified by the survey. The Human Resources Supervisor participated in “Investing in Healthy Minds at Work”, a monthly workshop series of six sessions from January to May 2017. The training was aimed at promoting mental well-being in the workplace and was based on the 13 psychosocial factors featured in the Guarding Minds at Work program. The training provided a framework for raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and designing programs to improve psychological health and safety.

During Mental Health Week, May 1 to 7, 2017, the agency promoted a mental health awareness and anti-stigma campaign including the following activities:

  • Awareness messages and mental health resources were posted on our Wellness bulletin board.
  • From May 1 to 5, daily e-mails were sent to all staff that included awareness videos and resources on
    mental health in the workplace.
  • A staff continental breakfast was held on May 4, 2017. Coffee, tea, refreshments, resources and stress
    balls were provided.
  • A survey monkey evaluation was sent out to all staff following the week’s activities.

The Ford Motor Company is committed to providing an active wellness program across both plants. As we have gone through some changes within our wellness committee, we continue to encourage healthy living and promote workplace wellness for all our employees. Our wellness initiatives during this past year focused on musculoskeletal disorders and prevention of injury as well as heat stress, which is our current wellness topic. As a company, our primary focus was on Prevention of Injury throughout the year, making it a high priority. Information bulletin boards, tele-monitors throughout the plant, employee newsletters, health teaching in the medical department, and information pamphlets were all ways of getting the information out to all the employees.

Our primary goal is to promote and improve healthier lifestyle choices for all our employees and their families. As we begin to prepare for another year, we are looking forward to expanding our health and wellness activities and encouraging more employee participation for 2018.

Part of GSC’s Health Vision (which forms part of our strategic plan) is to encourage Canadians to “take personal ownership and responsibility for their health.” And that’s what both Change4Life portal (for plan members) and My Health Advantage initiative (for GSC employees) are all about
– engaging, empowering, and rewarding you to get (and stay) healthy. Change4Life is all about supporting and rewarding our plan members
(including our own GSCers) for living healthier lives – and My Health Advantage is all about supporting GSC employees in living healthier and happier lives

Each day of Mental Health Week, we focused on a different topic related to mental health and awarded prizes for participation. Topics included Mental Health 101, Stress & Anxiety, Financial Health, Physical Activity and Mental Health, and Let’s Talk About It. We had a “wear green” day in support of Mental Health and promoted the “Ride Don’t Hide” community bike ride hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Additional Change4Life reward points were given to those who participated. One of our employees also participated in the 50k event! A presentation was made to the Leadership team educating them about how they as Health Management advocators, can continue supporting our employees using the resources available to us through Shepell and Change4Life.

Gold Level 1

Every year, BANA staff have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of three (3) paid Community Professional Development Days where they pursue educational, professional, or team building activities to foster social and civic responsibility, enhance skills and knowledge, develop community partnerships, be physically active, and build team unity. Some of these activities include: food preparation at the Unemployed Help Center, preparing and serving a meal at the Downtown Mission, donating, organizing and wrapping Christmas gifts at the Hiatus House, Canoeing as a team, and walking as a staff by the river. This allowed us to practice work-life balance by stepping away from our work for a day and it also allowed for a mental health break, so we could come back refreshed and inspired!


One day out of the year, the company spends the day partaking in a CSR initiative - Responsib’All Day. In 2016, the theme was “Building the Community” and employees in Windsor participated in the Ford City Neighborhood renewal project. There was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our employees. So not only did we return to Ford City for the second year in a row to restore flower beds, plant in the community garden, and paint benches and garbage cans, but we also launched a new Volunteer Program, I CARE, which is an acronym for: Involvement, Community, Awareness, Respect, and Environment.

Under this program, employees can use two paid business days per calendar year to volunteer their time at a registered charity. An I CARE Committee was also established to organize quarterly group volunteering excursions, so that employees have the choice to volunteer individually or sign up for a group excursion.

Windsor Regional Hospital is dedicated to the welfare of its employees though physical activities and proper nutrition. As a hospital, we believe in “practicing what we preach” and encourage all staff to live the best lives they can. It is for this reason that we have committed to many programs and services that support physical activity at work and provide healthy food choices throughout the hospital. During lunch, we offer Yoga for 45 minutes, Pilates and Stretch & Tone for one hour starting at 12:00 p.m. All three programs are very popular at our hospital. The Yoga session changed from 30 minutes to 45 minutes as a direct result of staff suggestion via evaluation. Stretch & tone program is a direct suggestion from employees as well.

Yoga has been continued throughout the year without any breaks due to its benefits and is now being offered five times a year instead of three. Employees have commented that Yoga is helping them balance their work and lifestyle. It has helped them with their physical and mental balance, which in turn has a direct effect on their work.


Anchor Danly is proud of its wellness program which begins with strong support from our Leadership Group and wellness committee team members. Through our wellness committee, we promote and encourage overall health and well-being of our team members and their families through continued education promotions, exciting team or individual based wellness challenges throughout the year, and drive empowerment which leads to long-term behaviour changes and results in reduced health risks. Following our wellness survey in 2016, we focused on initiatives our team members were most passionate about. This includes:

  • Continuing our partnership with GoodLife fitness where our team members can join the gym at a discounted rate
  • Participating in the Heart Breaker challenge and raising funds for Heart and Stroke
  • Health risk appraisals that provided our team members with a private consultation with a nurse and an aggregate report of their health risk factors and literature on how to create a healthier lifestyle.

We also added new activities such as a blood drive at the Red Cross,
an on-site Self Defense course led by one our team members who is passionate about martial arts, and is a certified Dan Black belt, and increased ergonomic awareness for our new office team members through online training and pictograms. Furthermore, we partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society who came on-site and joined our Pink Party to increase our awareness of risk factors, stress the importance of breast examinations, and provided each participant a visual aid (Thingamboob key chain). The CCS was also on-site in November for our Movember activities which included awareness.

We are proud to report that by keeping health and safety in the forefront of our daily activities that in November, we reached one year with no lost time injuries; which we celebrated with jackets and a pizza party, and we have continued with no lost time injuries to date. Anchor Danly cares deeply about all of our team members and this program demonstrates our deep commitment to health and wellness.

ArcelorMittal Windsor, a division of ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P. (formerly known as DJ Galvanizing). Using community resources and employee engagement are keys to a successful wellness program. With the help of the University of Windsor’s 4th Year Community Nursing Program, we successfully prepared two major presentations for our employees.

It was important to our company to participate in the first annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Week (SPAW) in September. In honour of SPAW, an awareness campaign about the prevalence of suicide, suicide prevention tips and resources available, and the importance of maintaining a balanced state of mental health were presented to our employees. Our students developed a great analogy using a Styrofoam cup and photocopy paper labelled with pressures of daily life; this analogy drove home the importance of work-life balance, asking for help, and recognizing signs of those in need. Employees who participated were rewarded with You Are Not Alone T-shirts and all employees received yellow ribbons to signify the SPAW week.

In October, nursing students also provided our employees with key information about four different types of Arthritis such as simple habits that may prevent early-onset arthritis, common symptoms, early intervention, and different long-term therapeutic treatment methods. Included in the presentation was a quiz that allowed the employees to identify which foods they thought were anti-inflammatory vs. inflammatory, where arthritis was concerned. Our employees were also challenged to compete in several 25-day challenges throughout the year such as push-ups and yoga, which help maintain flexibility and core strength.


The ultimate goal of the wellness program at Bonduelle Tecumseh is to provide a healthier, happier, and safer workplace for employees. We firmly believe that a healthy workplace assists in improving attendance, and reducing work injuries and lost time from work while contributing to productive lives at work and at home.

Our health and wellness initiatives of this past year included:

  • Bonduelle Tecumseh Health Challenge competition which encouraged employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating and exercise.
  • Big Bike Ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Blood pressure screening clinics and a flu clinic for all employees.
  • Health Educational Clinics which focused on nutrition and physical activity awareness and a variety of other health topics.
  • “Challenge Yourself - Be Cancer Aware”, “Challenge Yourself - Sleep Tight”, and “Be Injury Free” contest
  • Healthy meal options available in our canteen
  • Health and wellness resources available at a wellness information centre.

We thank our employees for their active participation in the past years wellness initiatives and strong commitment to improving their health and safety!

We, the Caesars Windsor/Unifor Wellness Committee here at Caesars Windsor, are interested in the well-being of our employees. We provide various activities and events, for example, our Wellness Fair, which continues to be a hit. It provides employees with access to a wide variety of vendors that have information, and services, to assist in the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of our employees.

“Walking Wednesdays” is a returning initiative this year. We have teamed up with the City of Windsor again and participation has grown showing more interest than ever.

The 2nd Annual Wellness Day event was an even better success than the first promoting all aspects of wellbeing; physical, mental and social by involving our employees in various events and activities.

Victoria Maxwell is a speaker and performer who employ interactive teaching skills to illustrate effective treatment tools she learned through her ‘lived’ experience with bi-polar disorder and navigating the healthcare system. Through demonstrating small one-person role-play exercises as well as discussion in a typical workshop setting, Victoria taught techniques, best practices, and an approach to effective care for the service provider from the view of the client. These practices included incorporating the “personal medicine” each individual already identifies as coping skills which work well, and teaching the professional to incorporate these already built-in and easily accessible tools into the individual’s care and treatment plan. She also explores “personal medicine” for the working professional to ensure each person in the field tends to their own self-care in order to be a more effective care provider. This workshop was very well received and feedback from the professionals included comments regarding having a better understanding of the client’s views, and the importance of identifying the effective skills that are already known to the individual, as these will be more easily accepted and incorporated into a treatment plan and should be best practices of care.

The Essex Power Farmer’s Market was launched in June from a suggestion made by an employee. We provided food baskets in both facilities for employees to bring in leftover crops from their gardens; fresh veggies (such as tomatoes, kale and zucchini) and herbs for all to share. This program has been very well received at both locations.

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada Inc. Health Screening and Flu Shot Clinic is an annual wellness event that brings health screening and flu shots directly to the employees at all FCA Canada Inc. work sites. The 2016 Clinics took place from mid-November to mid-December to coincide with the availability of the influenza vaccine. Coordinating the Health Screening and Flu Shot clinics is a large undertaking that provides access to preventative health screening and influenza vaccination for more than 10,000 FCA Canada Inc. employees across the country. The event promotes health by engaging participants to become more aware of their own health such as identifying their key risk factors, learning how to manage existing disease, and living an overall healthier lifestyle.

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada Inc. Health Screening and Flu Shot Clinic is an annual wellness event that brings health screening and flu shots directly to the employees at all FCA Canada Inc. work sites. The 2016 Clinics took place from mid-November to mid-December to coincide with the availability of the influenza vaccine. Coordinating the Health Screening and Flu Shot clinics is a large undertaking that provides access to preventative health screening and influenza vaccination for more than 10,000 FCA Canada Inc. employees across the country. The event promotes health by engaging participants to become more aware of their own health such as identifying their key risk factors, learning how to manage existing disease, and living an overall healthier lifestyle.

The GECDSB is committed to encouraging healthy and active lifestyle options for our students and employees. Embraced wholeheartedly by the Board and its employee groups, our Joint Employee Assistance Program (JEAP) provides health promotion, counselling, and a range of “work-life” support services for our employees and their families. The theme of our 2016 wellness campaign was “SleepWell—BeWell”. Throughout the year, education regarding sleep as a fundamental health issue was provided to our staff by our Workplace Wellness Champions. A large number of employees attended professional seminars on the topic of sleep and well-being and participated in activities such as contests, physical activity classes, and relaxation programs. As part of the SleepWell—BeWell Campaign, pilot projects were conducted at two schools with the goal of increasing awareness about sleep health. Staffs were provided with educational activities, along with professional consultations and resources. Over a six week period, a great majority of the participants reported success at having achieved better sleep habits and in turn general well-being and productivity. In line with our commitment to well-being, we are excited to extend the SleepWell—BeWell Campaign to a second year.

Redoe Group began their Wellness journey just over six years ago and we are proud to have come such a long way. In 2017, we held our 4th Annual Wellness Week which included fitness demonstrations, Lunch N’ Learns and participation contests all week. One of our highlights this year was our Stress Awareness Lunch N’ Learn. We had a wonderful presentation from the Canadian Mental Health Association. When employees and managers learn to deal with stress effectively there are many long-term benefits such as mental clarity, resiliency, flexibility, creativity, various health benefits, and increased work-life balance.

We pride ourselves on being an organization that contributes to the community. Redoe sponsors Children’s Aid families at Christmas; holds food drives, sponsors local sports teams, and hosts Take Your Kids to Work Day annually. Along with these events, we also have a summer BBQ, Children’s Christmas Party, and Service Awards. It is easy to see why it is such a pleasure to work for a company that is committed to the health and wellness of our employees, their families, and the community.

The Health Centre staff have been working hard at employee health initiatives. Our staff is comprised of RN’s, Nurse Practitioners, a Social Worker, and a Registered Dietitian. Together, we have delivered high quality health care in conjunction with health education. St. Clair College realizes this it is essential to help employees achieve healthy lifestyles and prevent injury and illness. This year, with the support of our Senior Operating Group, a very successful Choose to Lose program was implemented in January 2017. Over the course of 10 weeks, 34 of our employees managed to lose a combined weight of 220lbs; very impressive indeed!

A questionnaire was given to all participants in the program after completion; improvements to the program are being made to reflect the employee’s needs and support their overall goals. It is important to St. Clair College to provide a supportive environment to assist our employees in achieving optimum physical and mental health. It is our belief that investing in your employees improves the quality of education being delivered to its students.

St. Clair College would also like to acknowledge their community partners who assisted with our Health Fair in February 2017 by sharing their knowledge and expertise with our college community. Thanks goes to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, BANA, FSEAP, CMHA, the Lung Association, SACC, the Public Health Unit and Jessica, our dietitian from the Windsor Family Health Team.

Eat, Move, Breathe.

Wellness can be defined as the conscience, deliberate and self-direct pursuit of living life to its fullest potential – and that is the exact attitude which The Benefits Company promotes.

Implementing Wellness Week throughout the years has been successful and will continue to be with employee participation, excitement, and validated feedback. During our last Wellness Week in May, we were honoured to have Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman come in for an information session to introduce us to “The Six Pillars of Health” which make up the foundation of our healthy routine - Water, Nutrition, Sleep, Moving, Self-Care, and Community.

The Benefits Company Wellness Committee continuously strives to develop healthy activities and challenges to improve the lifestyles of each employee, and to maintain an overall positive environment.

Throughout this year, we have created multiple events that combine physical activity, healthy eating, personal challenges and meditation. Some of the activities included:

  • Catering healthy lunches for employees.
  • Providing employees with customized boxes of fruits and vegetables to take home.
  • Eating the rainbow challenge.
  • 21-day water intake challenge.
  • 21-day no junk food challenge.
  • Circuit training workouts.
  • Yoga - twice a week and monthly two hour session with our instructor Erin.
  • Fruit smoothies (now smoothie bar is provided for all employees).

Our company strongly encourages happy and healthy choices in all aspects of life and to take charge of your health!

The Windsor Workplace Wellness Committee offers a number of wellness initiatives for City of Windsor employees every year.

  • An 8 week physical activity and nutrition event, known as the “Ultimate Challenge” continues to be a popular event.
  • In addition, an annual on-site flu clinic and health screening event is organized during Employee Appreciation Month. Employees are able to be screened for their total blood cholesterol, blood pressure, Body Mass Index, and waist circumference, and personal cancer risk assessments. Various healthcare professionals’, benefit provider and more were available to answer employee questions.
  • Mental health continues to be highlighted annually in the Get Loud for Mental Health event where a variety of workshops, presentations and demonstrations are made available to employees throughout the month of May. All interested employees are invited to participate in any or all of these sessions to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on mental health issues. Topics this year included money and stress, bullying, substance abuse, and digital dependency just to name a few..
  • A wellness partnership with Caesars Windsor has encouraged employees to be active on their lunch break. Walks are scheduled every Wednesday for employees to get out and enjoy the river front trails.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington is committed
to promoting a healthy workplace environment for employees. In
2017, we concentrated on Prevention and Awareness, with a focus on Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Health and Safety. Highlights of our initiatives included our annual Active Week which now includes a Wellness Fair, cooking classes, and BBQs, as well as our growing health and safety program. Our annual Active Week takes place in July 2017 and features a Wellness Fair, Blood Pressure Clinic, Neck or Shoulder Massage, a Healthy Cooking Class with Deputy Mayor Hilda MacDonald, and many other fun activities. We also encourage staff to walk or bike to work during Active Week.

Our Commitment includes a 50% subsidy for an employee membership at the municipality’s recreation facility, a flexible work policy, and integrating wellness into our Health and Safety policies. Providing resources on physical and mental health, along with our health care benefits and our employee assistance programs supports our staff and allow employees to participate in healthy choices for themselves and their families. We have also launched a Wellness Newsletter which features valuable
health information and prizes for those staff who participate in reading the newsletter. To help others in the community, we encourage staff awareness, participation, and donations to many causes. This year, our staff participated in or donated to Suicide Prevention Awareness Week and the Big Bike Ride for Heart & Stroke. Our employee initiated BBQ Club host lunches for staff and proceeds are donated to local charities. We thank our Wellness Committee members and workplace for their continued support of this valuable program. With plans already in the making for 2018, the Wellness Committee will focus on health awareness and promotion with the aim to continue increasing employee participation.

The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh (Town) is committed to the health and wellness of its employees. This year, the Town and its Wellness Committee organized events and activities to educate employees on mental health. Examples of such activities included: publishing a Monthly Corporate Wellness Newsletter with articles on work-life balance, how play can relieve stress and 50 reasons to exercise. Our Tecumseh Firefighters were also provided with information on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder through a workshop held with Dr. William Roy entitled “How Trauma Impacts the Loss Experience”. A Suicide Prevention Awareness campaign was also launched through the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in collaboration with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) to promote awareness on mental health and suicide prevention. Staff were encouraged to wear yellow on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 to help bring awareness about Suicide Prevention. In addition a Healthy at Work Webinar was held entitled Suicide Prevention Awareness. Through the use of newsletters and workshop presented to employees, the Town commits to promoting and supporting the mental health wellness for its employees.

Take Charge of Stress Campaign

In April 2017, the Department of Human Resources and the Workplace Wellness Committee launched an awareness raising campaign titled “Take Charge of Stress”. This campaign consists of five information sheets designed to increase awareness of stress, technostress, health impacts, and stress coping strategies.

Since every person experiences stress in their own way, the campaign’s key message includes “no matter how stressful a situation may be, each one of us has the ability to take charge of our lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the strategies that we use to address problems as a way of relieving pressure and regaining some control of our lives”.

The Workplace Wellness Committee challenged employees to:

  • Enhance their knowledge of stress by reviewing the five (5) information sheets (these can be downloaded from
  • Enhance their awareness of their stress level by completing an online tool (the campaign connected employees to “Stress Screener” developed by Mental Health America and the “What’s Your Stress Index” from the Canadian Mental Health Association).
  • Take Charge of Stress by incorporating two (2) new stress coping strategies into their life.

For more information about the campaign and to download the campaign materials, please visit the campaign website at

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, Vitality Program ran a six week Summer FiTENess Challenge where participants tracked their physical activity; to add up to 150 minutes per week. Activities that staff tracked included walking, running, gardening, and yoga to name a few. Each week, participants who reached the target were entered into a draw to win a grand prize of 1 of 3 $100 gift cards. There were also secondary prizes of 4 $25 gift cards and 10 $10 gift cards. At the end of the challenge, the committee held an awards ceremony to present the winners with their prizes and featured summer fruits and infused water to promote hydration and celebrate the end of summer.

Bike Friendly Award

Ford Motor Company - Windsor Operations

The Ford Motor Company, Windsor Site continues to promote and support a bike friendly workplace. For those employees who choose to make healthier lifestyle changes by riding their bikes to work, we provide safe and secure areas to store their bikes as well as facilities for lockers and showers. Improved health and well-being promotes focused productive employees.

The Corporation of the City of Windsor

The City of Windsor Workplace Wellness Program encouraged staff to support Bike Month to foster exercise for both physical and mental benefits. Various cycling opportunities available in the city were communicated to staff to participate in during the month of June. Employees were encouraged to bike as a means of transportation and recreation and to get active. A bike to work challenge was offered and for those employees who were planning on attending the fireworks this year, it was suggested to opt to travel on their bike.

Our City of Windsor Wellness website is a bike friendly resource. It provides information on the various cycling initiatives, articles related to biking and access to the City of Windsor trail maps.

Bonduelle Canada Inc. Tecumseh

As part of our wellness program, Bonduelle Canada Inc. Tecumseh actively promotes the benefits of safe Cycling and encourages our employees to ride to work. Bonduelle Tecumseh supports cycling to work as it promotes employee fitness, stress management, and our commitment to a sustainable environment. To meet our goal of being a Bike Friendly Workplace, we maintain bike facilities; provide biking incentives and education through newsletters, posters, and contests. We also have our Guaranteed Ride Home Program to support our employees who bike to work as this program ensures in the event of bad weather, a flat tire, or an emergency at home, cyclists can always get a ride home.

Anchor Danly

Encouraging bike riding at Anchor Danly supports our overall mission to promote health and wellness.Our bike friendly work environment consists of a bicycle rack conveniently located outside of our main entrance that is close to our locker room and shower. Similar to walking, biking is a great way for our team members, regardless of fitness level, to get moving on a regular basis. Due to its low impact characteristics, we know many of our team members turn to biking as their recreational exercise of choice on the weekend. Which is why, at Anchor Danly, we are committed to encouraging our team members to put down their car keys during the week as well, and instead pick up their bike helmets.

This year we took it one step further, and promoted Bike Month which takes place in May with posters, and distributed the WECHU “Hail the Helmet” newsletter. We believe that biking to work is beneficial so we invest in bike racks, educate our team members and offer incentives such as a ride home in inclement weather.

Caesars Windsor - WCL - Unifor Wellness Committee

Caesars Windsor is committed to employee’s health. We have provided our employees with on-site bicycle racks. The bicycle racks area is sheltered from the weather and secured so that our employees can cycle into work with peace of mind. Not only is this a wellness initiative for physical activity, but it also reduces emission that would have been produced by motor vehicles used, saving the air quality for the entire populace. We encourage our employees to bike to work and have reward programs for those who do. Bicycling benefits everyone!

FCA Canada Inc./Unifor - Windsor Assembly Plant

The Windsor Assembly Plant Working Toward Wellness Committee held their annual Bike2Work Week campaign from June 26-30. The focus was on encouraging FCA Canada Inc. employees to rediscover their bikes, promote active transportation, and become familiar with the new trails in Windsor-Essex County. On June 28th Wellness Committee members rewarded those who cycled to work with healthy snacks, reusable water bottles, safety information, preferred bike shop discounts, and cycling resources. The committee also wanted to highlight their new on-site Bike Repair Station – where employees can make minor repairs to their bicycles on the spot. The Bike Repair Stations are located in a highly accessible location to further facilitate a bike-friendly environment. The stations include tools required to perform basic maintenance and repairs, as well as a pump for filling bike tires.

Redoe Group

Redoe Group is proud to be a Bike Friendly workplace. Over the last 6+ years we have purchased a bike rack and promoted tiding your bike to work. We annually take part in the Big Bike Ride for Heart & Stroke, and hold our own annual Bike to Work Week. During Bike to Work Week we have contests and information about taking care of your bike and bicycle safety for our employees.

We look forward to continuing to promote bike friendliness to our employees, their families and the community.

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology

St. Clair College values a safe , healthy and appealing work environment. As an educational institution, the college wishes to promote a healthy lifestyle and is committed to establishing a supportive environment to lead the way towards workplace wellness.

Our Senior Operating Group in collaboration with our Wellness Committee realize the importance and benefits of workplace wellness and its impact upon the success of their organization. Their vision of creating a healthy workplace is demonstrated by their dedication and commitment to their employees and their families. Healthy employees/families have a positive impact on our college community. St. Clair College would like to lead the way and encourage all employers to support workplace wellness, to impact our community at large in a very meaningful way.

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology

St. Clair College values a safe , healthy and appealing work environment. As an educational institution, the college wishes to promote a healthy lifestyle and is committed to establishing a supportive environment to lead the way towards workplace wellness.

Our Senior Operating Group in collaboration with our Wellness Committee realize the importance and benefits of workplace wellness and its impact upon the success of their organization. Their vision of creating a healthy workplace is demonstrated by their dedication and commitment to their employees and their families. Healthy employees/families have a positive impact on our college community. St. Clair College would like to lead the way and encourage all employers to support workplace wellness, to impact our community at large in a very meaningful way.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington

The Corporation of the Municipality of Leamington is committed to the health and well-being of our employees and their families. By being a bike friendly workplace we can encourage our employees to use active transportation to commute to work and to choose cycling as a way to be active with friends and family. Since 2011, Leamington has been on a roll promoting cycling through our Bike Friendly Workplace Policy, incentives and facilities. We currently offer three large bike racks have been added to our uptown core area for staff and residents. With yearly additions to our municipal trails employees and our residents can easily commute around the town and to work. Incentives are provided by the Corporation for staff to ride their bikes to work during Active Week with prizes given out for participation. During Employee Appreciate Night we held a draw for a free bike to promote a Bike Friendly Workplace to staff. We offer amenities such as change rooms and showers for staff so that physical activities and biking to work are encouraged. The Municipality of Leamington encourages and supports staff to ride their bikes and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh

The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh continues to promote its Bike Friendly Workplace Policy by circulating information to employees on the benefits of biking to work, providing bike safety information and by encouraging employees to take advantage of its bike friendly facilities and incentives, which include change rooms, showers, bike racks and company vehicles for work related business. In 2016/17, the Town of Tecumseh continued to incorporate biking to work into its Fitness Fridays’ Activities. During Fitness Month (June) employees were once again challenged to bike to work. In order to increase participation among those employees who live farther away, a common meeting area at a nearby park was organized and an experienced cyclist mapped out a safe route and led the way to Town Hall.

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, Vitality Program is honoured to receive the Platinum Plus Bike Friendly Workplace Award. The Committee promoted local cycling events and cycling resources at work. Incentives such as dress down days, on-site bike racks, a bike friendly workplace policy and discounts at a local bike store are also available for employees to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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