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Concerns over the financial impact of COVID-19 have affected many individuals and families. There are several steps that you can take to begin to save money on your groceries. Here are helpful resources and tips on ways to make the most out of your grocery budget.

20 Ways to Save Money on Your Groceries: This article reminds us that healthy eating does not have to be expensive. Here are 20 tips to use next time you plan a grocery trip.

Save Money By Reducing Food Waste: Keep these five tips in mind to help you keep on track with your food budget and reduce your household food waste.

10 Tips for Planning Meals on a Budget: It all starts with having a plan. This may take some time, but will help you to save money in the long run. You can also get the family involved in menu planning.

Shopping Apps to Save you Money

There are several free apps that you can download on your smartphone right now to help you find the best deals around and save you money. Gone are the days of having to print and clip paper coupons! Click the links below to find out more about each app available to download. You may know of others that work best for you – don’t keep it a secret, share the link with your friends.

  • Flipp: An app that houses all of your weekly flyers in one place. Price match at the counter by showing the cashier the food items you’ve “clipped” on your app.
  • Reebee: A similar app to Flipp. Browse flyers and make a shopping list so that you’re prepared for your trip with the best deals around.
  • PC Optimum: Download exclusive offers and earn points off of your purchases. Points can add up quickly and can be used to pay down your next grocery bill. Click here to learn more about program benefits.
  • Flash Food: Browse fresh food available at the grocery store that is about to reach its best-before date. Buy at a very reduced price from your phone, and pick it up at the store.

Shopping Apps to Keep Your Grocery Trip Organized

These apps are easy to use, and can be shared with all family members so that everyone can have an input on the grocery list in an organized manner.

  • AnyList: Create organized lists that will help you browse through the store in a breeze.
  • Out of Milk: Combines a shopping list, pantry list, and a to-do list all in one app.
  • Cozi Family: Keep and share a grocery list amongst all the members in your family so that everyone knows what is running out and what needs to be purchased.
  • List Eaze: Similar to Cozi Family where you can share the grocery list with other members of your household, see what everyone needs, and share coupons.

Wondering about best buys at the grocery store? It can be easier to save money when you know which food items cost less. Also, be sure to shop for the sales as this can save you even more money.

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