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Another fun activity to do at home is to start a vegetable garden. Gardens can be of any size, and do not always have to be in the ground. Plants can be grown indoors by a window, or outside in containers or in raised beds. So, even if you are tight on space, a garden is always possible!

Similar to a kitchen, a garden can serve as a second classroom for children and adults alike. There are many benefits and skills that can be learned while growing food.

  • Increases children’s exposure to vegetables and fruits
  • Provides a fun way to engage in physical activity
  • An opportunity to learn about social sciences, science, and math
  • An opportunity for children to learn about leadership, patience, and responsibility

Don’t know how to get started? Check out this resource on seed starting, to help you get your garden going.


Keep the young gardeners engaged with some fun activities:


It’s important to keep safety in mind while gardening. Learn more about how you can keep your family safe while gardening at:

Interim Guidance for Community Gardens and Instructional Poster

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