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As of August 9, 2021, the Government of Canada has made changes to quarantine and testing requirements for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated TFWs. See details below.

Testing and Quarantine requirements
effective August 9, 2021

  Pre-Arrival Test
Day 1 Test** Day  8 Test Quarantine ***
(14 Days)
Fully Vaccinated* TFW Required Randomly Selected Not required Not required
Unvaccinated TFW Required Required Required Required

* Fully vaccinated means having received the full series of a vaccine or a combination of vaccines accepted by the Government of Canada (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen) at least 14 days prior to entering Canada.  Travellers must provide proof of vaccination in English, French or a certified translation and can receive their vaccine in any country. (Source: Health Canada Website)

** If a traveller tests positive on-arrival, he/she must isolate from others right away; will be contacted by local public health authority and must follow instructions; and keep copies of proof of vaccination for 14 days. (Source: Travel Canada Website)

*** Final determination of whether or not a traveller qualifies for the quarantine exemption is made by a government representative at the border. The traveller must therefore be prepared to quarantine for 14 days, in case the traveller is symptomatic and/or does not meet the requirements. (Source: Travel Canada Website)

Additional Information:

If your workplace employs temporary foreign workers, both the employers and workers are required to fulfill certain obligations.  

  • All individuals who are not fully vaccinated must complete a quarantine period of 14 days to control the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Every employer must submit a Quarantine Plan Application to the Windsor- Essex County Heath Unit (WECHU) for each housing unit that will be used as a quarantine residence for their TFWs. The plan must include at a minimum the following information:
    1. First/Last name, as it appears on passport, with contact number and date of birth of all workers
    2. Date of arrival clearly indicated for each individual
    3. Site address where 14 day quarantine will take place
    4. Site address where self- isolation will occur
    5. 24/7 emergency contact for your organization
    6. Transportation plans from port of entry and for medical care

    Note: These plans must be reviewed and approved by the WECHU prior to workers arrival in Canada.

  • All living accommodations, including temporary quarantine accomodations for TFWs must be inspected by a Public Health Inspector prior to occupancy to ensure all requirements are being met.  Farmers must apply for an inspection of worker accommodations by filling out an inspection request form on the Health Unit website. Growers are required to obtain approvals from local municipal fire, building and by-law agencies prior to contacting the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

    Note: The Health Unit will notify local municipalities of all temporary isolation bunkhouses.

Please download and use the following checklists:

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