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Spending time with your family to plan, shop, prepare, and cook food helps children to develop healthy eating habits, increases their self-confidence, and teaches them key life skills.

In the kitchen, there is always a task for everyone in the family; whether it be sorting out ingredients, preparing the meal, setting the table, or cleaning up after a meal, everyone can be engaged.

Quick videos to help you get children involved in the kitchen:

Using a kitchen knife

How to measure ingredients


  1. Cooking with kids toolkit - Check out this resource with information on how to help children feel more comfortable in the kitchen, a list of budget-friendly recipes, and a list of skills that children can practice in the kitchen.
  2. - This website has easy-to-follow videos, tips, and recipes to get you started in the kitchen.
  3. - This website has some great information on cooking with children, recipes, and videos.
  4. - This website has quick cooking tips, recipes, and nutrition activities for kids.

General recipes

Try these websites to find some delicious recipes for you and your family to try making.

  3. Basic Shelf Cookbook recipes

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