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Isolation Accommodations

  • Employers must house self-isolating workers in accommodations that are separate from those not required to self-isolate.
  • Employers of an agri-food facility should anticipate the need for isolation spaces and have a plan in place for rapidly securing isolation spaces should the need arise. All isolation accommodations must be inspected before occupancy.  Fill out the WECHU online inspection request form to schedule your inspection.
  • If there is a large outbreak and if the employer is unable to secure enough isolation spaces, the employer may request additional support from the WECHU. The WECHU will work with local municipalities and the province to secure appropriate isolation spaces and personal care services. Please review the WECHU Memo sent on October 14, 2020 with details about this process.
  • It is also the responsibility of the employer to ensure that workers receive adequate food and other necessary supplies during their time under isolation.
  • Workers under isolation are not permitted to work until they have completed their isolation period and received WECHU approval to commence work.
  • Workers can be housed together, but they must be able to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from each other at all times.
  • Shared facilities (e.g., bathroom, kitchen, living space) are allowed, but must have sufficient space to allow workers to follow physical distancing requirements.
  • Each housing unit must adhere to a daily cleaning and disinfecting schedule.  Use the Daily Cleaning Log (English) or Daily Cleaning Log (Spanish) to ensure that all areas are undergoing regular cleaning.
  • For the duration of the self-isolation period, the employer must ensure that the accommodation does not prevent the worker from avoiding contact with older adults (65+) and those with medical conditions who are at risk of developing serious illness.
  • If new workers are housed for self-isolation in the same accommodation as others who are self-isolating, the clock resets to the day the most recent worker arrived.
  • It is recommended that date-stamped photos be taken of the facilities to demonstrate compliance and sent to their Public Health Inspector upon request.
  • Informational posters should be provided and displayed in the accommodation common areas (e.g. kitchen, living room, and bathrooms) about proper hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette. Provide these resources in the workers preferred language.
  • Daily health checks should take place for all workers. Use the Daily Health Check Log (English) or Daily Health Check Log (Spanish) to keep track of each worker’s health status.
  • If a worker has become ill, they must be isolated from others immediately and brought to one of the local assessment centres for testing and medical attention.
  • They should be removed from their housing unit and provided self-isolation accommodations until they are cleared to return to work.
  • Contact the Health Unit at 519-258-2146 to notify them and receive specific advice on control measures that must be taken to prevent the potential spread and how to monitor other possible infected workers
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