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The WECHU recognizes the difficulty that our local community groups, sports clubs, and social organizations face in finding and understanding the COVID-19 information they need to safety re-open and resume activities that is compliant with current public health regulations.  On this page you will find:

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Current COVID-19 guidance documents, regulations, and local orders
  • Checklists and guidance documents for safely resuming operations and planning classes and events
  • Links to professional signage and posters related to COVID-19.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions on this webpage and are still in need of assistance, please fill out the following information and a WECHU staff member will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In most cases, the Health Unit is not required to review and approve re-opening/operational plans for community groups and organizations as they relate to COVID-19. It is expected that these groups and organizations review all local orders and provincial requirements and develop reopening protocols and procedures that comply with those orders and requirements. To assist groups and organizations with locating these important documents, please review the Local & Provincial Resources Page. Please note that if your public facility or special event is normally inspected by the Health Unit for compliance to regulations such as O. Reg 493/17 Food Premises, inspections and permits will continue to be conducted and issued as per usual protocol. 

If you are unable to find the answers you need, please call the Environmental Health Department to speak with a Public Health Inspector at 519-258-2146 ext. 4475 or email

If you have any questions or complaints, please call 519-258-2146 ext. 4510 or send an email to or contact your local law or bylaw enforcement officers.

For any other issues, such as questions related to hand hygiene or physical distancing, please contact the Environmental Health Department at 519-258-2146 ext. 4475 or email Please be assured that the phone number, voicemail box and emails are monitored regularly and responded to as quickly as possible.

Special Events: COVID-19 Fact Sheets and Guidance

For a list of requirements regarding capacity limits and other public health measures related to COVID-19, please review the COVID-19 Response Framework website.

Certain special events and facilities must be inspected by a Public Health Inspector because they provide food and/or beverage services under O. Reg 493/17 Food Premises or provide personal services under O. Reg 136/18 Personal Service Settings. These events must submit the following forms and ensure full compliance with the regulations.

For special events where food and beverage services are NOT being sold to the general public, or personal services under O. Reg 136/18 Personal Service Settings are not being offered, please review the following checklists and guidance documents that will provide important information about compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

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