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Maintaining a diet of healthy foods is not only important for your physical health it is also necessary for your mental health. If you are self-isolating and especially if you have symptoms, it is important to ensure good nutrition and hydration even if you have a low appetite. Choose a variety of foods including foods that have protein (e.g., chicken, meat, beans, lentils, tofu, cheese, milk, etc.), whole grains (e.g., rice, quinoa, whole grain breads, etc.), and vegetables and fruit (fresh, frozen or canned). If you are self-isolating make sure you have enough food at home to last during this period.

Remember that there is not need to rush and “stockpile” food and other essential supplies. Plan what you and/or your family will need and purchase these items gradually. 

If you are currently under self-isolation or quarantine and did not get a chance to run to the grocery store, reach out to a family member, neighbour or friend for help getting essential supplies (food, personal care products, household products, or medications). Please ask them to drop off the food or supplies at the door to minimize contact. Those under self-isolation must NOT leave their house to go to the store.

You can also try delivery programs through grocery stores, pharmacies, or internet applications, meal subscription services, or take out from local restaurants.

General Information on Nutrition

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