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Who can enter Canada?

Canadian citizens, dual Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, persons registered under Canada’s Indian Act, and protected persons can travel to and enter Canada. Please visit the Government of Ontario website to learn more about who can enter Canada.

If I have returned to Canada from out of country travel, am I required to quarantine?

As required by the Minimizing the Risk of Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada Order (Mandatory Isolation), anyone entering Canada must quarantine for 14 days, provide contact information and monitor for signs and symptoms. If symptoms develop during quarantine, call your local health authority (Windsor-Essex County Health Unit - 519-258-2146) to determine next steps. Compliance with quarantine requirements is subject to verification and enforcement.

If I have returned to Canada from out of country travel, can I end my 14 day quarantine early if I receive a negative COVID-19 test?

Individuals cannot end quarantine early even if they’ve been tested for COVID-19 and have received negative test results. This 14 day quarantine period is to limit any potential transmission of travel acquired COVID-19. When someone is exposed to COVID-19, symptoms can develop at any time during the 14 day incubation period. Anyone who is within their 14 day quarantine period and develops symptoms should immediately isolate from others and contact their local Public Health Authority (Windsor-Essex County Health Unit - 519-258-2146).