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What are the differences between the use of medical masks versus cloth masks?

Medical masks were created to provide protection from droplets, splashes and sprays to the nose and mouth of the wearer. The outer side is fluid resistant, the middle layer provides filtration, and the inner layer is absorbent (for moisture from breathing, coughs, or sneezes). Medical masks also provide source control, containing the wearer’s own droplets inside the masks and thus protecting others.

Cloth masks can be considered for use for source control only. Cloth masks filter the expulsion of viral droplets from the wearer making them suitable for source control.

Are stores allowed to ask for proof that I am exempted from the Section 22 Face Covering Order?

By stating that you or someone in your care qualifies for a medical, age-related, or religious exemption to the Order, you or the person in your care are no longer required to wear a face covering in the commercial setting. No proof of the exemption is necessary. Please be advised that businesses may have enacted policies which extend beyond the Order and refuse entry to any person not wearing a face covering. Such policies are not recommended by the health unit or Medical Officer of Health.

Where are face coverings not required under the local Section 22 Order?

The use of face coverings is recommended for the health and safety of all customers, patrons, employees or visitors, in situations where physical distancing (spatial separation of individuals by at least two metres) is difficult to maintain. However, there are settings not subject to the order, even if they would otherwise fall within the definition of a commercial establishment. For example, establishments that are or will be covered under separate provincial guidance, are covered by a regulatory college or ones that are multijurisdictional may not be included in the order. 

Where am I required to wear a face covering under the local Section 22 Order?

A face covering is required when entering and while on the premises of any commercial establishment in Windsor and Essex County. The face covering must be worn in areas that are openly accessible to members of the public and that are used for the purposes of offering goods or services for sale to members of the public.

This includes:

Will business provide masks under the local Section 22 Order? If not where can I get a mask?

  • Establishments may choose to have disposable masks available for the public, but it’s not a requirement, visitors of the establishments will be responsible for having their own mask.
  • The Public Health Agency of Canada provides sew and no-sew instructions on their website explaining how to make your own masks with materials such as bandanas and t-shirts.