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Executive Leadership:

Nicole Dupuis, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

                Marc Frey, Manager, Planning and Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Medical Officer of Health (MOH)

                Ramsey D’Souza, Manager, Epidemiology and Evaluation

Senior Leadership:

Dan Sibley, Director, Human Resources

Lorie Gregg, Director, Corporate Services


                    Fern Bayuga, Manager, Facilities/IT

                    Amy Wolters/Lyne Trahan, Manager, Finance

Kristy McBeth, Program Director


                    Kelly Farrugia, Manager, Healthy Schools Promotion

                    Jen Johnston/Joanne Hegazi, Manager, Healthy Schools, Immunization

                   Victoria Peczulis/Phil Wong, Manager, Environmental Health

Felicia Lawal, Program Director, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)


                    Razane Diab, Manager, Infectious Disease Prevention & Clinical Services

                    Sandra Vesco, Manager, Infectious Disease Prevention (COVID)

                    Tina Toffolo, Manager, Healthy Families

                    Debbie Silvester, Manager, Healthy Families

Eric Nadalin, Program Director


                    Kim Casier, Manager, Oral Health

                    Sarah Hill, Manager, Oral Health

                    Mike Janisse, Manager, Communications

                    Amanda Ryall, Manager, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention