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CEO and Chief Nursing Officer: Theresa Marentette

Medical Officer of Health: Dr. Wajid Ahmed

Human Resources

Director: Dan Sibley

Departments by Division

Corporate Services

Director: Lorie Gregg

Manager: Michael Janisse
Manager: Fernando Bayuga
Manager: Amy Wolters, Lyne Trahan

Reporting to Theresa Marentette

Reporting to Dr. Wajid Ahmed

Manager: Ramsey D'Souza

Health Protection

Directors: Kristy McBeth & Dr. Felicia Lawal

Manager: Razane Diab
Manager: Phil Wong, Victoria Peczulis
Manager: Jennifer Johnston
Manager: Sandra Vesco, Razane Diab

Health Promotion

Director: Nicole Dupuis

Manager: Debbie Silvester, Amanda Ellard-Ryall, Tina Toffolo
Manager: Kelly Farrugia
Manager: Kimberly Casier, Sarah Hill